We use 6061 T-6 round aluminum rods to make each wheel using our CNC lathe and mill.  We then install brass bushings to minimize friction.   We then install the wheel into Sullivan Skylite or DuBro tires.  Result—a light weight tire at a very reasonable price.  Please select the wheel diameter and style you want:  Plain, 3 spoke, 4 spoke, 5 spoke, 6 spoke, 8 spoke, 9 spoke, and 10 spoke.  Optional Intarico brakes and brake control systems available.  Normal axle diameter rangers from 5/32”, 3/16″, or 1/4″.  For international customers, we can install 5mm or 6mm metric axles.  Please let us know.

If you need custom wheels for your special project, please contact us.

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