46910-2 Don Smith B-29 1/10 Scale 169″ (Dual)

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We use our giant landing gear mechanisms with 3/4″ strut extensions angles set to the manufacturer’s specification. Rivets have been replaced with bolts to attach scissor links and other components. We have change the nose gear mechanism to our new Signature landing gear which is superb compared to our competition.
We worked very close with Don on the development of landing gear for this kit.

We were the first company who offered dual air cylinders to provide an emergency backup means of lower the landing gear in the event of an air leak. If you want dual cylinder landing gear, look at 46910-2.

To view a sample of our electric landing gear, please click here.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in

Deluxe 4 Way Air Valve replaces Standard Valve, 20" Heavy Duty Lead, 40" Heavy Duty Lead


Basic Controller, Deluxe Controller, Deluxe Controller w/ Landing Light Only, Deluxe Controller w/ Door Sequencer, Deluxe Controller w/ Door Sequencer and Landing Light


Small Air System, Medium Air System, Super Air System, No Air System