46801 Ziroli Bearcat Articulate

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These are complex landing gear by any standard. To raise and lower these long struts, we now use commercial air cylinders. Main struts are 3/4″ diameter. Tail wheel unit sold separately. Custom lower leg machined from aluminum. Once the gear are down, a secondary over-center lock insure the gear are down and locked for those not so perfect landings. If you elect to use electric landing gear, the mini air cylinder is replaced by a mini servo (not included). We can purchase the mini servo and mount it with your approval. Rib drawings provided. These gear are not “plug and play”. You will have to do so engineering to adapt these gear to your plane.

Century Jet has expanded its options to include air and electric retract systems. Please select from the choices below to complete your retract system. Select the Deluxe 4 Way Valve for realistic air operations which provide the modeler infinite speed adjustments. All air standard and Deluxe 4 Way valves come with a life time warranty. If you elected to use electric retracts, you can upgrade to our Deluxe Controller which provides electronic door sequencer with selectable door open or door close modes when the gear are down plus 1 or 2 landing lights.

To view a sample of our electric landing gear, please click here.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 8 in

Deluxe 4 Way Air Valve replaces Standard Valve, 20" Heavy Duty Lead, 40" Heavy Duty Lead


Basic Controller, Deluxe Controller, Deluxe Controller w/ Landing Light Only, Deluxe Controller w/ Door Sequencer, Deluxe Controller w/ Door Sequencer and Landing Light


Small Air System, Medium Air System, Super Air System, No Air System