Curtiss P-40E Warhawk

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CJM acquired the production rights to a Jerry Bates Plans 97” P-40E aircraft. Jerry Bates is a renown kit designer and has been a friend of my company for over 15 years. We are proud to produce his P-40E kit using his scale planes.

This kit is the third in a series of Scale Master kits.Designed to sit on the gear in approximately three hours! By any standard, this kit is the fastest built P-40E Warhawk kits on the market and comes with multiple options to fit the builder’s needs and pocket book.

The Master basic kit comes with a primed epoxy fiberglass fuselage. The fuselage is laid up using various layers of 4 and 6 ounce fiberglass cloth intertwine with carbon fiber. The left and right removable wings come primed and designed for easy installation using two wing tubes and receivers in each wing panel. Composite ailerons, split flaps, horizontal stab, rudder, and elevators come almost ready to install. The rudder and elevators have the fabric look using Dave Platt technique.

A 6 ½” spun aluminum spinner with a solid aluminum back plate is included. If you are going to install a large engine, you have a plywood firewall already installed. The cowl comes with the cowl flaps. The gear doors, wood package, canopy, instructions, and picture brochure are included.

The Master deluxe kit comes with all the above items and includes the accessory package and gear door package for opening and closing the main gear doors.
Optional CJM giant landing gear with 3/4” diameter oleo struts, retractable tail wheel, scale cockpit, painted pilot, scale functional exhaust stacks and scale functional cowl flaps are available.

For other designs by Jerry Bates Plans, contract him by phone at 251-478-6720 or visit his web site at