Talon Turbine Sport Jet

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The TALON is an advanced jet trainer plus a high performance sport jet which is designed for grass field flying. Using composite technology, this is a quick build aircraft. The kit was drawn and engineered by Mr. W.G. Hunter. The wing was designed for optimum slow speed and high-speed flight. Twin vertical stabs slope outboard 10 degrees. A unique tail pipe section is included at no charge in all kits to protect the jet in the event of a hot start.


One-piece epoxy primed fiberglass fuselage
Interlocking Vertical and Horizontal Stab Control System
Composite Removable Wings
Composite Vertical and Horizontal Stabs
Composite Ailerons, Elevator, Rudders, and Flaps
Designed to be Flown Off Grass Flying Fields
Accommodates 114 to 116 Ounces of Fuel
Optional Landing Gear and Brakes
Standard Size Servos Required
Free Stainless Steel Exhaust Shield
Optional By-Pass System


Wing Span: 70″
Length: 78″
Weight: 28 – 30 pounds
Channels: 6
Propulsion: One 18 – 26 pound turbine