Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG-15


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Century Jet Models offers the 1/5th “scale” MIG-15 fighter. One of the best performing and easiest flying models on the market. Lightweight and strong, the MIG-15 is a high performance ducted fan or turbine aircraft. Superb high speed and low speed landing characteristics. An excellent beginner’s aircraft or a plane for the scale masters. The MIG-15 is a “fast build” 50 hour kit for those of you who want to fly ducted fan jets with limited time and building space. Excellent turbine aircraft!
Fuselage is pre-primed epoxy fiberglass. Lightly sand and apply paint. All plywood parts are laser cut to decrease your build time and insuring accuracy. A one-piece, 21″ long, engine access and cockpit hatch, area rule intakes, and fiberglass upper and lower make building a breeze. Three fiberglass cannons are standard equipment in our jet kit. Select either optional composite wings with flight controls or standard sheeted foam wings. Removable wings incorporate dual plug-in wing spar systems. Landing gear blocks are factory installed.
Basic kit includes wings with dual plug-in wing spars, horizontal foam stabs, area rule intakes, exhaust tube, pre-formed engine/canopy system, fiberglass rudders, canopy, fiberglass cannons, instructions and full size CAD plans along with optional packages for those who have time, material and want to save money. A deluxe kit includes the basic kit plus laser cut plywood package, wood package, and accessory package.


Scale: 1:5
Ducted Fan Engine Size: .91 to 1.00
Fan: 5″
Turbine Propulsion: 21 to 26 Pounds of Thrust
Channels: 4 to 7
Wing Span: 74.5″
Length: 74″
Weight: 16 – 18 pounds

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Deluxe 4 Way Air Valve replaces Standard Valve, 20" Heavy Duty Lead, 40" Heavy Duty Lead


Basic Controller, Deluxe Controller, Deluxe Controller w/ Landing Light Only, Deluxe Controller w/ Door Sequencer, Deluxe Controller w/ Door Sequencer and Landing Light


Small Air System, Medium Air System, Super Air System, No Air System