La Scorpion Deluxe


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La Scorpion is a high performance sport jet, modular in design, easy to build, yet economical priced. The jet’s sleek profile and high performance, area rule intakes maximize its’ performance resulting in a 100 foot takeoff roll off hard surface, 125 feet from grass, with a top speed over 160 mph using any five-inch fan. Once you reach cruising speed, you can perform almost any pattern maneuver.
The epoxy fiberglass fuselage with molded vertical stab, come pre-primed for fast building and easy finishing. Sheeted foam wings come with plug-in wing spars and landing gear block installed, wheel well foam area removed, and aileron foam compartment removed. The wings are removable for easy transportation and storage. Uses any commercial retract and recommend our Centurion retracts with 3/8″ stainless steel with functional oleo struts.

We currently offer three kits: a basic kit with fuselage, sheeted foam wings with plugin spars and landing gear block installed, sheeted foam horizontal stabs, fiberglass rudder, instructions, computer designed plans, canopy, fiberglass engine hatch, intake, and exhaust tube. A deluxe kit includes the basic kit items plus laser cut plywood package, wood package, and accessory package. We also offer a kit retracts.


Wing Span: 59″
Length: 65″
Weight: 11 – 12 pounds