Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger

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Our 1/5th scale He-162 fuselage come pre-primed using epoxy fiberglass. Light sanding and apply paint. All plywood bulkheads are laser cut. The main wing spar mount and landing gear blocks are interconnected for added strength. An extra layer of 6-ounce cloth over the landing gear door area provides added reinforcement and reduces building time. Cut out the doors along the pre-molded panel lines and you’re in business. Fan access hatch and cockpit are pre-molded. Intake duct system comes pre-molded–glue it into the front of the engine intake and your ready for fan installation. The horizontal stab is fiberglass constructed and plugs into the rear portion of the fuselage which has a mounting flange. Alignment marks insure proper alignment and ease of installation.

The foam wings come pre-sheeted. The modeler installs the heavy duty aluminum plug-in wing spar system. Fiberglass horner wing tips add a touch of class.

Landing Gear: CJM Centurion retracts with 1/2″ diameter stainless steel functional oleo main gear struts and our 3/8″ stainless nose gear strut with a forked yoke are used to insure reliable takeoff and landings. To open and close the doors, we offer a retract door kit.

We offer a basic kit with sheeted wings along with option packages for those who have the time, material, and want to save money! A deluxe kit includes a laser cut plywood package, wood package, and accessory package. Glue, finishing materials such as 3/4 ounce cloth, paint, tires, etc. are not included. We also offer a Turbine He-162 which comes with a tail section made from high temp epoxy with carbon fiber tape. The He-162 is an excellent turbine aircraft with easy access to the engine. The fuselage can easily handle the jet fuel requirements. In the event of an engine flameout, you can rest assured that the He-162 glide and slow speed characteristics will safely get you back to the field safely.


Scale: 1:5
Wing Span: 57″
Engine Size: .91
Fan: 5″
Channels: 4 to 6
Length: 73.25″
Weight: 14 – 16 pounds


John Pryor with Century Jet Models He-162 powered by a RAM 750+. John says the plane is stable, fast, and easy to land!

Century Jet Models Turbine He-162 in the flare.