McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II

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Century Jet Models’ 1/7th scale F-4 Mk II incorporated the following major changes:

a.) A new two piece epoxy fiberglass fuselage with panel lines.
b.) Selected either the “D” or “E” nose configuration. Simple to install and align.
c.) Plug-in wings come with two aluminum wing spar system installed.
d.) Landing gear block is assembled and installed at the factory.
e.) Pre-sheeted main and outboard wings.
f.) Vertical stab pre-molded onto the fuselage.
g.) Scale intakes.
h.) Newly computer designed intake system.
i.) Fiberglass rudder.

The two piece, epoxy fiberglass fuselage comes pre-primed and is laid up using 4 ounce and 6 ounce cloth for added strength and vibration resistance. Cockpit, stab mechanism, and engine access hatches provides easy access and reduces building time. Laser cut wood further enhances construction. The removable, plug-in main wings come pre-sheeted. The outboard wings are also sheeted with the unique F-4 dihedral cut into the foam. Optional CJM landing gear with 5/8″ diameter struts, tires and brakes are available. Four F-4 kits are available with multiple options to fit the builder’s needs:

The basic kit comes with a 2 piece, primed epoxy fiberglass fuselage, intakes, rudder, fin cap, 3 piece exhaust tubes, sheeted main and outboard foam wings, horizontal foam stabilators with stainless steel stab plates, machined horizontal stab block with ball bearings, pre-molded fiberglass accessory and vertical stab mechanism hatches, canopy, ABS tail hook, gear doors, humps and bumps, exhaust nozzles, detailed instructions, and full size plans are included.


Wing Span: 60″
F-4 “D” Length: 94″
F-4 “E” Length: 96″
Scale: 1:7.64
Engine Size: .91 to 1.00
Fan: 5″ (2 Required)
Channels: 4 to 10
Weight: 25 – 28 pounds