F-22 Raptor

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The 1/8.65th scale Century Jet Models F-22 Raptor was designed from the start to be a high performance turbine aircraft powered by a single 21 to 30 pound turbine. The deluxe kit can be assembled in approximately 25 – 35 hours for those of you who want a turbine powered jet with limited time and build space.
Basic kit includes a one piece fiberglass fuselage which is primed with panel lines and is constructed using epoxy fiberglass. All plywood parts are CAD designed and laser precision cut. These parts are included in the basic kit. Other items include intakes, composite wings with two aluminum spars installed, aluminum wing spar system, composite horizontal stabs with 5/16″ steel control rod installed, and aluminum stab rudder control arms. Composite flight controls (rudders, ailerons, trailing edge flaps), hatches (canopy, engine, stab servo, aileron servo, and flap servo) are molded in the fuselage. Fiberglass canopy frame, clear canopy, instructions, and color photo brochure are also included.
A deluxe kit includes the above items plus an accessory package (conformal fuel tanks, nuts, bolts, header tank, nyrods, carbon fiber push rods, hinges, etc) and retract door package. We also offer a deluxe kit with landing gear.

Glue, finishing materials, and paint are not included.


One Piece Fiberglass Fuselage
Fiberglass Intakes Installed
Fuel Capacity: 2.0 Gallons
Composite Plug-in Wings
Composite Horizontal Stabs
Detailed Instructions
Composite Vertical Stabs
Pre-molded Canopy/Engine Hatch
Color Picture Brochure


Wing Span: 61.75″
Length: 86.5″
Scale: 1:8.65
Weight: Approximately 30 pounds