F-15E Strike Eagle

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This 1/8.5th scale jet aircraft was designed for single turbine engine operation. The F-15 is constructed using epoxy-glass and nomex honeycomb to make the lightest and strongest model possible. A perfect turbine trainer in the hands of a beginner or high performance fighter in the hands of an expert.


Two-piece, epoxy composite fiberglass fuselage with panel lines
Gear mounts, wing spars, and stab system factory installed
Interlocking vertical and horizontal stab control system
Bolt on composite, removable wings with panel lines
Elevons or conventional ailerons, elevator, and flaps
Stronger and simpler to install horizontal stab system
Optional F-15 landing gear with 3/4″ diameter
Functional Droop Intake Modification available
By-pass and stainless exhaust available
Accommodates 160 ounces of fuel
Functional Speed Brake available
Dual Rudders


Wing Span: 63″
Length: 90″
Scale: 1:8.5
Propulsion: One 17 to 35 pound turbine