F-105 Thunderchief


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The basic concept behind Century Jet Models’ F-105 “Thunderchief” kit was to make it a “fast build” kit for those of you who want to fly ducted fan or turbine jet aircraft but have limited space and time.
The 1/10th scale CJM F-105 single seat “D” and two seat “F” versions have been engineered using today’s technology and build techniques. Computer designed intakes increases the performance of the aircraft. The “Thud” is a rock solid performer using any five-inch fan unit.Don’t let the short wings and long fuselage fool you. This standoff scale model is one of the best performing and easiest flying models on the market. It will make you th Ace at your flying site.
The F-105 two piece fuselage is epoxy-glass with additional seam tape for lightweight reinforcement. Panel lines, Vulcan gun, gun exhaust ducts, landing gear wheel well, plus much more are molded in the fuselage. The wing panels come pre-sheeted and attaches to the fuselage using our heavy duty, plug-in spar system. The stabilators use double ball bearings to give positive and precise flight control deflection.

We used our Centurion landing gear with stainless steel oleo struts for the main landing gear that give you the tall “Thud” look. Sorry, wire gear will not work on this jet.
We offer three kits: a basic kit with a 2 piece fuselage (choice of single seat “D” or two seat “F” version jet), pre-sheeted foam wings, plug-in wing spars, foam vertical and horizontal stabs, stab control mechanism, instructions, plans, canopy, pre-molded engine hatch, intakes, and exhaust tube. A deluxe kit includes the above items plus laser cut plywood package, wood package, and accessory package. We also off a deluxe kit with retracts.

Finishing materials not included.


Length: (D Model 76″) (F Model 82″)
Wing Span: 44″
Scale: 1:10
Engine Size: .82 – .91
Fan: 5″
Channels: 4 to 10
Weight: 14 -16 pounds

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Small Air System, Medium Air System, Super Air System, No Air System


Basic Controller, Deluxe Controller, Deluxe Controller w/ Landing Light Only, Deluxe Controller w/ Door Sequencer, Deluxe Controller w/ Door Sequencer and Landing Light


Deluxe 4 Way Air Valve replaces Standard Valve, 20" Heavy Duty Lead, 40" Heavy Duty Lead