F-100 Super Sabre

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This 1/7th F-100 ducted fan jet is an ideal trainer for your first ducted fan model or for the advanced modeler, a turbine aircraft. Easy to build and will fly off a grass field. Rock solid performer with 100 to 120 MPH top end using any 5 inch fan unit.
The fuselage comes pre-primed and made using epoxy fiberglass. Light sanding and apply paint. All major plywood bulkheads are laser cut, decreasing your building time and insuring accuracy. The main wing spar mount and fan mount are interconnected for added strength. Canopy opening is pre-molded in the fuselage. The foam wings incorporate a plug-in wing spar system. Horizontal flying stabs are easy to build and cover.
We offer three kits: a basic kit with fuselage, sheeted foam wings, plug-in spars, foam vertical and horizontal stabs, stab mechanism, instructions, plans, canopy, and exhaust tube. A deluxe kit includes the same items as the basic plus laser cut plywood package, wood package, accessory package and more. We also offer a deluxe kit with retracts.
Glue, finishing materials, paint, tires, etc. are not included.


Wing Span: 57″
Length: 67″
Scale: 1:7
Engine Size: .82 to .91
Fan: 5″
Channels: 4 to 7
Wing Area: 830 SQ. IN.
Weight: 10 – 12 pounds

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Small Air System, Medium Air System, Super Air System, No Air System


Basic Controller, Deluxe Controller, Deluxe Controller w/ Landing Light Only, Deluxe Controller w/ Door Sequencer, Deluxe Controller w/ Door Sequencer and Landing Light


Deluxe 4 Way Air Valve replaces Standard Valve, 20" Heavy Duty Lead, 40" Heavy Duty Lead