A-7 Corsair

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This 1/7th scale jet was designed to be flown with most turbines on today’s market. Constructed using epoxy-glass and nomex honeycomb to make the lightest and strongest model possible. A turbine trainer in the hands of a beginner or high performance “CORSAIR” in the hands of an expert.


Epoxy Fuselage comes primed with panel lines
Removable, three piece composite wing with panel lines
Composite Ailerons,Elevators, Rudder, and Flaps
Scale A-7 Navy or Air Force Landing Gear available
Spacious Fuselage makes turbine installation easy
Scale or Sport Scale Tires and Brakes available
Designed for 122 ounces of Jet Fuel


Wing Span: 66.5″
Length: 79.5″
Weight: 24 Lbs.
Channels: 6 to 10
Scale: 1:7
Propulsion: One 17 to 27 pound turbine

Tires and Brakes Not Included