A-4 Skyhawk

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In July 2001, we bought the production rights to the A-4 Skyhawk aircraft. This is a composite, single engine turbine aircraft. We have made product improvements which enhances the building pleasure. This jet aircraft was designed to be flown with most of the turbines on today’s market. The airplane is constructed using epoxy-glass and nomex honeycomb to make the lightest and strongest model possible.
A perfect turbine jet model with fuel to spare!


One piece, epoxy composite fiberglass fuselage with panel lines
Removable epoxy composite one piece wing with panel lines
Optional Avionics hump, drop tanks, & vortex generators
Composite Ailerons, Elevators, Rudders, and Flaps
Optional A-4 landing gear with 3/4″ diameter struts
Spacious fuselage makes turbine installation easy
Gear mounts, and wing spars factory installed
Scale or sport scale tires & brakes available
Finished in epoxy primer with panel lines
By-pass and stainless exhaust available
Accommodates 150 ounces of fuel


Wing Span: 56″
Length: 85″
Scale: 1:5.9
Propulsion: One 17 to 27 pound turbine

Tires and Brakes Not Included