Safe Start

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SafeStart is a small, easy to install device that is designed to prevent the accidents and injuries associated with an electric model’s unexpected motor start. It connects between the ESC and your receiver’s throttle channel, and prevents any throttle output to the ESC until you’re ready to fly and safely away from the prop. Once activated, it sends your radio’s throttle stick position to the ESC instantly, giving you full contol of the motor as usual. But SafeStart is still looking out for you even after your flight by monitoring the throttle channel for a valid signal. In the event that the transmitter’s signal is lost, as happens if you forget and turn your TX off before the flight battery has been disconnected, SafeStart instantly disables the motor off by sending a signal to the ESC which shuts it off. An LED provides an indicator of the current mode of operation, so you can tell at a glance if the throttle is active or not. SafeStart is a smart addition to any electric-powered model, and may save you a trip to the emergency room!