Scale Warbird Pilot Price List & Sizing Chart

Price List

Large range of both hand painted and unpainted scale pilots available in bust or full body.
Part #Warbird Pilot
RetailPart #Warbird Pilot
Not Painted
W2CB10P1/10 WWII AAF Bomber/PBY Crush$31.95W2CB10NP1/10 WWII AAF Bomber/PBY Bust Crush$22.95
W2CF10P1/10 WWII AAF/PBY Full Body Crush$40.95W2CF10NP1/10 WWII AAF/PBY Full Body Crush$31.95
W2GB10P1/10 WWII AAF/PBY Bust Gunner$31.95W2GB10NP1/10 WWII AAF/PBY Bust Gunner$22.95
W2GF10P1/10 WWII AAF/PBY Full Body Gunner$40.95W2GF10NP1/10 WWII AAF/PBY Full Body Gunner$31.95
W2AB9P1/9 WWII Amer Bust Leather$31.95W2AB9NP1/9 WWII Amer Bust Leather$19.95
W2AF9P1/9 WWII Amer Full Body Leather$38.95W2AF9NP1/9 WWII Amer Full Body Leather$27.95
W2CB9P1/9 WWII AAF Bomber Crush$34.95W2CB9NP1/9 WWII AAF Bomber Bust Crush$22.95
W2CF9P1/9 WWII AAF Full Body Crush$41.95W2CF9NP1/9 WWII AAF Full Body Crush$29.95
W2BB9P1/9 WWII British Bust$31.95W2BB9NP1/9 WWII British Bust$19.95
W2BF9P1/9 WWII British Full Body$43.95W2BF9NP1/9 WWII British Full Body$27.95
W2GB9P1/9 WWII German Bust$31.95W2GB9NP1/9 WWII German Bust$19.95
W2GF9P1/9 WWII German Full Body$38.95W2GF9NP1/9 WWII German Full Body$27.95
W2JB9P1/9 WWII Japanese Bust$31.95W2JB9NP1/9 WWII Japanese Bust$19.95
W2JF9P1/9 WWII Japanese Full Body$38.95W2JF9NP1/9 WWII Japanese Full Body$27.95
W2CB7P1/7 WWII AAF Bomber Bust$43.95W2CB7NP1/7 WWII AAF Bomber Bust$31.95
W2CF7P1/7 WWII AAF Bomber FB$50.95W2CF7NP1/7 WWII AAF Bomber FB$38.95
W2AB7P1/7th WWII American bust$40.95W2AB7NP1/7th WWII American bust$28.95
W2AF7P1/7th WWII American full body$47.95W2AF7NP1/7th WWII American full body$35.95
W2GB6P1/7th WWII German bust$40.95W2GB7NP1/7th WWII German bust$28.95
W2GF6P1/7th WWII German full body$47.95W2GF7NP1/7th WWII German full body$35.95
W2BB7P1/7 WWII British Bust$40.95W2BB7NP1/7 WWII British Bust$28.95
W2BF7P1/7 WWII British Full Body$47.95W2BF7NP1/7 WWII British Full Body$35.95
W2JB7P1/7 WWII Japanese Bust$38.95W2JB7NP1/7 WWII Japanese Bust$28.95
W2JF7P1/7 WWII Japanese Full Body$45.95W2JF7NP1/7 WWII Japanese Full Body$35.95
W2AB6P1/6th WWII American bust$40.95W2AB6NP1/6th WWII American bust$28.95
W2AF6P1/6th WWII American full body$47.95W2AF6NP1/6th WWII American full body$35.95
W2CB6P1/6 WWII AAF Bomber Bust$43.95W2CB6NP1/6 WWII AAF Bomber Bust$31.95
W2CF6P1/6 WWII AAF Bomber FB$50.95W2CF6NP1/6 WWII AAF Bomber FB$38.95
W2FB6P1/6th WWII French bust$40.95W2FB6NP1/6th WWII French bust$28.95
W2FF6P1/6th WWII French full body$47.95W2FF6NP1/6th WWII French full body$35.95
W2BB6P1/6th WWII British bust$40.95W2BB6NP1/6th WWII British bust$28.95
W2BF6P1/6th WWII British full body$47.95W2BF6NP1/6th WWII British full body$35.95
W2GB6P1/6th WWII German bust$40.95W2GB6NP1/6th WWII German bust$28.95
W2GF6P1/6th WWII German full body$47.95W2GF6NP1/6th WWII German full body$35.95
W2JB6P1/6th WWII Japanese bust$40.95W2JB6NP1/6th WWII Japanese bust$28.95
W2JF6P1/6th WWII Japanese full body$47.95W2JF6NP1/6th WWII Japanese full body$35.95
W2AB5P1/5th WWII American bust$43.95W2AB5NP1/5th WWII American bust$31.95
W2AF5P1/5th WWII American full body$51.95W2AF5NP1/5th WWII American full body$38.95
W2CB5P1/5 WWII AAF Bomber Bust$51.95W2CB5NP1/5 WWII AAF Bomber Bust$34.95
W2CF5P1/5 WWII AAF Bomber FB$68.95W2CF5NP1/5 WWII AAF Bomber FB$31.95
W2FB5P1/5th WWII French bust$43.95W2FB5NP1/5th WWII French bust$31.95
W2FF5P1/5th WWII French full body$50.95W2FF5NP1/5th WWII French full body$38.95
W2BB5P1/5th WWII British bust$43.95W2BB5NP1/5th WWII British bust$31.95
W2BF5P1/5th WWII British full body$51.95W2BF5NP1/5th WWII British full body$38.95
W2GB5P1/5th WWII German bust$43.95W2GB5NP1/5th WWII German bust$31.95
W2GF5P1/5th WWII German full body$50.95W2GF5NP1/5th WWII German full body$38.95
W2JB5P1/5th WWII Japanese bust$43.95W2JB5NP1/5th WWII Japanese bust$31.95
W2JF5P1/5th WWII Japanese full body$50.95W2JF5NP1/5th WWII Japanese full body$38.95

Warbird Pilot Size Chart

Part#WWII PILOTSHead to SeatSeat to ToesChest WidthWeight
1/9 WWII AAF Bomber Crush Bust2 5/8"1 5/81.75
1/9 WWII AAF Full Body Crush3 1/4"3 1/4"1 5/83.2
1/9 WWII AAF Gunner Bust2 1/2"1 5/81.75
1/9 WWII AAF Gunner Full Body5 3/8"Standing1 5/83.2
W2AB9P1/9 WWII Amer Bust Leather3"2"1.75
W2AF9P1/9 WWII Amer Full Body Leather3 7/8"3 3/4"2"3.2
W2CB9P1/9 WWII AAF Bomber Crush Bust3 1/2"2 1/4 "2.2
W2CF9P1/9 WWII AAF Full Body Crush4 1/4"3 3/4"2 1/4 "3.5
W2BB9P1/9 WWII British Bust3 1/4"2 1/8 "2
W2BF9P1/9 WWII British Full Body4"3 7/8"2 1/8 "3.5
W2GB9P1/9 WWII German Bust3 1/4"2 1/8 "2
W2GF9P1/9 WWII German Full Body4"3 7/8"2 1/8 "3.5
W2JB9P1/9 WWII Japanese Bust3 1/2"2 1/4"1
W2JF9P1/9 WWII Japanese Full Body4 1/4"4 1/8"2 1/4"2
W2AB7P1/7th WWII American Bust4 1/4"3"2.3
W2AF7P1/7th WWII American Full Body5 3/8"5 1/8"3"4
W2GB6P1/7th WWII German Bust4"2 7/8"2
W2GF6P1/7th WWII German Full Body5"5"2 7/8"3.2
W2BB7P1/7 WWII British Bust4"2 7/8"2.6
W2BF7P1/7 WWII British Full Body552 7/8"3.8
W2JB7P1/7 WWII Japanese Bust4 1/4"2"2.2
W2JF7P1/7 WWII Japanese Full Body552"4
W2AB6NP1/6th WWII American Bust5"3 1/2"4.5
W2AF6NP1/6th WWII American Full Body6"6 3/8"3 1/2"6.25
W2ABB6P1/6 WWII AAF Bomber Bust5 1/8"3 1/2"2.2
W2ABF6P1/6 WWII AAF Bomber Full Body5 7/8"6 5/8"3 1/2"5
W2FB6P1/6th WWII French Bust5"3 3/8"2.3
W2FF6P1/6th WWII French Full Body6"6 5/8"3 3/8"4.8
W2BB6P1/6th WWII British Bust4 3/4"3 1/2"4.5
W2BF6P1/6th WWII British Full Body5 3/4"6 5/8"3 1/2"6.3
W2GB6P1/6th WWII German Bust4 1/2"3 1/2"4.7
W2GF6P1/6th WWII German Full Body5 1/2"6 5/8"3 1/2"6.5
W2JB6NP1/6th WWII Japanese Bust4 3/4"3 1/2"3.5
W2JF6NP1/6th WWII Japanese Full Body5 3/4"6 1/23 1/2"4.8
W2AB5NP1/5th WWII American Bust5 3/4"4 1/2"5.2
W2AF5NP1/5th WWII American Full Body7 1/4"8 1/8"4 1/2"8.8
W2ABB5P1/5 WWII AAF Bomber Bust6"4 1/4"5.1
W2ABF5P1/5 WWII AAF Bomber Full Body7 1/2"8 1/8"4 1/4"8.2
W2FB5P1/5th WWII French Bust6"4 1/4"5.3
W2FF5P1/5th WWII French Full Body7 1/2"8 1/8"4 1/4"8.8
W2BB5P1/5th WWII British Bust5 1/2"4 1/4"5.3
W2BF5P1/5th WWII British Full Body7"8 1/8"4 1/4"8.9
W2GB5P1/5th WWII German Bust5 5/8"4 1/2"5.8
W2GF5P1/5th WWII German Full Body6 7/8"8 1/8"4 1/2"8.9
W2JB5NP1/5th WWII Japanese Bust5"4 1/4"5.2
W2JF5NP1/5th WWII Japanese Full Body7"8 1/8"4 1/4"8.7