Jet Pilot Price List & Sizing Chart

Price List

Large range of both hand painted and unpainted scale pilots available in bust or full body.
Part #Jet Pilots
RetailPart #Jet Pilots
Not Painted
JB10P1/10th Jet pilot bust--new helmet$26.95JB10NP1/10th Jet pilot bust--new helmet$14.95
JF10P1/10th Jet pilot full body--new helmet$33.95JF10NP1/10th Jet full body--new helmet$21.95
JB10P1/10th Jet pilot bust--old style helmet$26.95JB10NP1/10th Jet bust--old style helmet$14.95
JF10P1/10th Jet pilot full body--old helmet$33.95JF10NP1/10th Jet pilot full body--old helmet$21.95
JB9P1/9th Jet pilot bust$30.95JB9NP1/9th Jet pilot bust$18.95
JF9P1/9th Jet pilot full body$37.95JF9NP1/9th Jet pilot full body$25.95
JB8P1/8th Jet pilot bust$35.95JB8NP1/8th Jet pilot bust$23.95
JF8P1/8th Jet pilot full body$42.95JF8NP1/8th Jet pilot full body$30.95
JB7P1/7th Jet pilot bust$38.95JB7NP1/7th Jet pilot bust$26.95
JF7P1/7th Jet pilot full body$44.95JF7NP1/7th Jet pilot full body$32.95
JB7P-S1/7 F-22 & F-16 Bust$44.95JB7NP-S1/7 F-22 & F-16 Bust$32.95
JF7P-S1/7 F-22 & F-16 Full Body$51.95JF7NP-S1/7 F-22 & F-16 Full Body$39.95
JB6P1/6th Jet pilot bust$40.95JB6NP1/6th Jet pilot bust$28.95
JF6P1/6th Jet pilot full body$47.95JF6NP1/6th Jet pilot full body$35.95
JBM6P1/6th Jet Mig pilot bust$40.95JBM6NP1/6th Jet Mig pilot bust$28.95
JFM6P1/6th Jet Mig pilot full body$47.95JFM6NP1/6th Jet Mig pilot full body$35.95
JB5P1/5th Jet pilot bust$46.95JB5NP1/5th Jet pilot bust$31.95
JF5P1/5th Jet pilot full body$53.95JF5NP1/5th Jet pilot full body$38.95

Jet Pilot Size Chart

Part#JET PILOTSHead to SeatSeat to ToesChest WidthWeight
JB10P1/10th Jet Pilot Bust2.25"2"0.7
JF10P1/10th Jet Pilot Full Body3.5"3.75"2"1.7
JB9P1/9th Jet Pilot Bust3.25"2"1.7
JF9P1/9th Jet pilot Full Body4"4"2"3
JB8P1/8th Jet Pilot Bust3.8"2.625"1.2
JF8P1/8th Jet Pilot Full Body4.5"5"2.625"3.4
JB7P1/7th Jet Pilot Bust4.5"3"3
JF7P1/7th Jet Pilot Full Body5.25"5"3"3.4
JB6P1/6th Jet Pilot Bust6"3.5"3.3
JF6P1/6th Jet pilot Full Body6.375"5.5"3.5"3.7
JB5P1/5th Jet Pilot Bust5.5"4"5.1
JF5P1/5th Jet Pilot Full Body7 .25"8.5"4"5.6