Frequently Asked Questions

We are quite frequently asked….

“Why should I buy your landing gear?”

  1. Our main body is an aluminum extrusion made from T-6 aluminum. For giant and jumbo landing gear
    we use stainless steel side rails.
  2. Our cams are made from 17-4 stainless steel.
  3. Our pivot pins are made from stainless steel.
  4. Our struts are made using stainless steel which meet 6845D 1/8 hard Mil-Specifications.
    This is the same stainless steel used in commercial and military aircraft.
  5. Our struts use brass bushings and come pre-cut meeting the manufacturers specifications.
  6. Our scissors are stainless steel. For 1/5, giant, and jumbo landing gear, the scissors are investment cast stainless steel.
  7. Our axles are steel.
  8. Our landing come with an air support system.
  9. Our landing gear can be repaired in the event of a hard landing.

Can you make custom landing gear for me?

Yes we can. Simply click on the link titled “Custom Order Inquiry”, email us, or give us a call!

  1. Do you use epoxy or polyester resin? EPOXY
  2. Do your kits come primed? YES
  3. Are the wings sheeted? YES…except for the P-51, Spitfire, and Sea Fury kits.
  4. Do your planes fly off of grass? We have developed a matrix showing their capability,etc.
  5. Do your kits have precision cut laser wood or CNC cut wood packages available? YES. They are part of the wood package or sold seperately.
  6. Do you have flyers or information for your kit line? Yes we do, but you can get the latest and greatest information about our kits right here on our website!

Do you offer tours of the production facility?

Yes we do! We offer tours to modelers and their families. We can provide you a unique insight into the model industry that will amaze you! Tours vary from a few minutes to several hours based on what to see and talk about. Please call us to schedule an appointment.