All of our products are insured for full face value EXCEPT U.S. Mail First Class shipments. For more details on insurance please visit the corresponding freight carriers website.

For orders within the continental USA, at the time of checkout you will be presented three choices: FedEx, US Mail, and UPS. We feel choice is important, and give our customers a choice in the matter of shipping costs and method of shipment. For domestic kit orders we offer two choices for shipping: FedEx and BAX Global. The cost for shipping airplane kit orders is calculated after the order has been placed. Quotes from both of our freight carriers are given to our customer, and the customer then decides what is best for themselves. After the choice is made, the cost of shipping is then added to the sale total of the kit.

For small International Orders we use U.S. Mail with two options available. EMS is the fastest and takes an average of three to five days from the date of shipment. Priority takes an average of six to ten days from date of shipment. For international airplane kit orders we use BAX Global as our freight carrier. The shipping quote is given to our customer and then added to the sale total of the kit.


All landing gear come with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects starting at date of sale. For example, if a solder joint fails that hold the inner strut to the outer strut, we will repair it at no charge. For any warranty repair, we will only charge what our cost is to ship the repaired gear back to you.
Your landing gear instruction manual outlines how to properly install your landing gear, install set screws and use J.B Weld. Failure to follow these instructions will void this warranty.

If you have a bad landing and need your gear repaired or serviced, you can send us an email or place a letter in a package with your gear explaining what you would like for us to do. You can include a method of payment inside the box or leave us a phone number to contact you at. Normally, we will take a few minutes to service and air test the piston and check for landing gear cam alignment. We do not upgrade your product without your permission nor will we upgrade your gear if everything appears to be working correctly. For example, we currently use brass bushings in our landing gear body. Many years ago, we used nylon bushings. If we inspect the gear and find the nylon bushings to be in good condition, we will not install the brass bushings unless directed to do so.

What happends if you make a real bad landing and want new struts? Normally we will ask you to send back the damaged product so we can possibly salvage any servicable parts which will save you money.


Returns must be authorized by Century Jet Models. Please call for an authorization number. There is 15% restocking fee on ALL items and shipping charges are not refunded. Returned items ( retracts, kits, and accessories ) must be received from customer in original form within 30 days of the invoice date. Carefully repack the contents in their original package and insure them for their full face value.