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Hello and Welcome to our new website!! This site is more user friendly, and allows you to find and define your purchase in a matter of minutes. With more than 500 unique landing gear in our data base, we can also assist you in making a customized set of gear to meet your needs. The site also features other products including aircraft, pilots, radio accessories, and much more.

We also make:

  • Hangar 9 RC Retracts,
  • Top Flite RC Retracts
  • Ziroli RC Retracts
  • Bates RC Retracts
  • Palmer Plans RC Retracts
  • Don Smith RC Retracts
  • Pica RC Retracts
  • Meister Scale RC Retracts
  • Vintage PBY RC Retracts
  • ESM
  • Dave Platt
  • ByLoudDesign

and many more. We also offer various RC model aircraft kits that are handcrafted right here in the USA. More to come soon…
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